Jobs to do before spring…

There is always more to do in the garden in winter than you think.

Although some parts of the UK are still covered in snow the south is seeing temperatures creep into double figures which means spring is on the horizon.

Making a plan and tackling those winter jobs early means less to do when the weather is fairer and provides more rewarding results in your garden.

So here’s a few things to get started on…

Make sure you have tackled your roses. They will have already started to bud but that doesn’t mean you can’t cut them back. Prune back any dead wood and cut into your required shape taking into consideration that you may have up to 3ft of new growth (depending on your variety).
Roses are generally very hardy and will reward you for decluttering them. Remove any steams which cross over and cut back above a bud which is facing outwards to prevent further cluttering.

If you are planning to add a new tree to your garden or some hardy shrubs there is no better time.
The ground is no longer frozen so get digging. Make a hole one third larger than the root ball or pot.
Cover the bottom of the hole with manure and add a sprinkle of feed (such as fish, blood and bone) and half fill the hole with water.
Remove your plant from its pot by applying pressure around the sides of the pot. If its large you can roll it on the floor using your foot to apply the pressure or you may need to cut the pot away. Carefully use a Stanley knife or one blade of a sharp pair of secateurs to slice the pot into sections, always cutting away from you, so you can peel it away from the rootball.
Pop the plant in its new home and back fill the soil. Firm down around the stem with either your hands or you feet and finally give a thorough watering in.